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Once a month, Mondays are free.

Jim Quimby 016

This is a web-only special: we believe that people who read and plan ahead should be REWARDED.

With dollars.

So this special is only for you, dear web-page readers.

On these very special weekends, if you rent any machine over the weekend (that is, your rental began on Friday or Saturday and you planned to return it on Monday) you can keep your equipment through Tuesday at no additional cost.  

This is great for sanding or installing large jobs, or if you want to rent our sanders and take them to your cabin in Bemidji (don't laugh - it happens!).

Our training sessions for these free-Monday weekends fill up quickly; call the shop to reserve your machines and your training slot today at 651-698-5888.  


April Free Monday, April 24

No month is better than April for sanding!

kadee kneeling

  • The weather is cool - so much less perspiration!
  • It's still to soon to plant the garden.
  • You will be ahead of schedule for your wedding and graduation parties!
  • You just bought a house and found hardwood under the carpet!
  • Why are you hesitating?
  • Call us and reserve a sander, talk about new finish options, discuss repairs or just to trouble-shoot your plan of attack. There will never be a more perfect time for this project that right now! 


deck sanding with drum sanderMay Free Monday is May 15

May is actually the best month for sanding:

  • Guaranteed open windows for coating!
  • Sanding is waaaaay more fun than mowing.
  • One word: decks!
  • Sanding is sweaty work so it's more pleasant to do when it isn't summer.
  • Some of the longest days of the year - you can see what you're doing until 9pm!