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Out of state? Pete's can still help.

kadee 0363 426x292Book a 20-minute consult with the Sander Rental Goddess' program.

Even if you don't live in the lovely Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you can still get help from a flooring professional with Pete's 'Book a 20-minute consult with the Sander Rental (God or) Goddess' program.

Our growing national presence means we often give professional floor sanding and refinishing advice to homeowners and contractors in other states.

From Hoboken to Seattle, we've helped customers with many hardwood floor refinishing issues.

Some call for planning info, some call with big, unexpected sanding issues, others need product recommendations. We can help them all.

How it works.

If you are in a floor refinishing quandry, you can hire Kadee (or one of our wonderful staff members) to consult on your project. She'll bring her endless supply of incredibly helpful knowledge about floor refinishing and sanding, and sage advice.

A good deal—only $25 for 20 minutes.

For a nomimal fee of $25 for 15 minutes, Kadee (or Randy, Celeste, or Jeremy) will listen to your questions, look at any images you have, and offer recommendations, based on 20+ years in the floor refinishing industry.


kadee kneeling 1200pxRequest a consult 

Visit our signup page and we can get started. Insider pro tip: we answer questions faster from customers to send photos or can provide a little history on your flooring challenge. Once you've filled out the signup page and paid your dollars, you will automatically get a link with an email to send us all your pictures, hopes, and dreams. If you are impatient, send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As soon as we get proof of payment, we'll call you.  

But please remember that we are just a small business! Customers who submit consults after 5pm or on Sundays will be cheerfully assisted on the next business day.

How Pete's can help

  • Did you find a flooring disaster under the carpet?
  • Do you need advice with which machine to use on your floor?
  • Having difficulty choosing sandpaper grits?
  • Is the edger giving you fits?
  • Are you on the fence between recoating or fully re-sanding your floor?
  • Are you trying to choose a starting point for your install?
  • Are you thinking about stain? Let me stop you!
  • Intrigued about Rubio Monocoat - but worried about your Great Dane? Let's talk.
  • Are you struggling to sand your maple floor?
  • Your finish didn't turn out quite how you expected?