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Our clients say it best.

Here are just a few of the hard-working clients around St. Paul and Minneapolis that we have helped since 1993. Got a few words about your experience working with Pete's? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or feel free to post a review on our Google+ page. We love the feedback. And we ❤ our Twin Cities neighborhoods. 

PeterLudt 001web"I have been meaning to post these pics for such a long time now,

peterl 008 webI feel like I should return my free t-shirt. My wife and I found Pete's Hardwood Floors soon after we me moved and realized we needed to redo our floors before we moved anything in. We couldn't of been more impressed with this company.

Their professionalism, their product and their overall care of their customers is why I am still writing this five months later. I thought Kadee did a fantastic job training us on the "machines" and she didn't let us leave unless she felt comfortable that we knew what we were doing.

We even ended up calling her back several times for advice, which she generously gave. The actual process of "redoing" the floors was one of the most physically challenging experiences in my life, but every time I look at these floors, it was worth every minute of it. Thanks again Pete's!"

See Peter's photos

Peter L.

ireneg 007 web"The proud and pooped Irene around 10 p.m. last Thursday night

ireneg 001 web...after going through five different grits of sandpaper. I had to take a photo with my new friends, the floor sander #6, and the edger #6. I named Edger #6 "Beauty and the Beast," as it was a beautiful thing, but beastly on the low back. All in all, really happy with the final product.

Makes me smile just looking at the before and after pics.They are so pretty! and Shiny! Highly recommend Pete's for the best flooring edger rental in MN! ;)

Irene G.

wiken living room 2“I’m a giant nerd for my beautiful floors.

wiken living room 1They have improved this house unbelievably. People that didn’t see it in the “before” state don’t understand my joy/obsession. Just looking at these photos tonight, now that a few months have passed, I’m shocked at how bad they really were and that I was considering living on them in that condition. Thanks for all your help. I’m sure we took on too much but at least we felt like we knew what we were doing.”

See Rachel and Stan's photos

Rachel W.

 TimO after"To the Staff at Pete's...

Thanks for all your support and help, it was a huge floor measuring in at 900 sq ft but all in all it turned out great! Best buffer rental in MN I've been to.

Tim O.

"Just finished sanding and finishing the maple floorsjohna 005 web

johna 006 web of our master bedroom and hallway with the help of Pete's! Thanks to Kadee for her refresher course, sound tips, and enthusiastic encouragement!! Thought of you often at 1:00 in the morning...WHILE sanding, of course!! :)

This photo is of the bedroom floor pre-sanding--notice an outline of the claw-foot tub which the previous owners decided to spray paint while using the floor as a drop cloth! So thoughtful!"

See John's photos

John A.

"We'd like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the invaluable information posted on your website. 

sanfrancisco floor beforeWe especially enjoyed the article with compelling arguments against staining your floors as well as the follow up article since that is precisely what we're in doing. We found tips on your site that we have not seen anywhere else on the internet and we have done A LOT of searching and reading. What a fantastic business you have with an actual wood floor where customers can come in and get some practice!  

We just bought our first house, it was build in 1955, has top nailed white oak throughout, with some nasty stains on it from being covered with a nasty shag, and probably a little mutt free to mark as he pleased on top of it. The reason we decided to stain was that we could get 90% of the dark stains out with oxalic acid neutralized with borax, but there are some slight shades here and there, and we think a stain will be a better alternative to 7-8 spots of new wood in the living room alone.

The original floor is incredibly tight, and even though I matched the boards with the same size oak andsanfrancisco floor after cut there is just a very slight gap (<1/16") between the new boards that I absolutely had to replace that needed to be filled. Short of replacing the whole floor where I'm free to lay the boards tight on both sides there is just no way I can replicate the original wood fit, or grain for that matter.

Anyhow, we feel more confident after reading through your articles and I will do a last check of the floor .for sanding marks with a bright light and a magnifying glass before staining. Our best wishes to you and your crew."

Mike and Teresa, San Francisco

"A pleasure doing business with you all as usual."

Lynn A.

SusanCarmella 1 web"The Floor Whisperer

Bob went back downstairs and looked around the kitchen some more, measuring it and taking notes. "This is a pretty straight-forward job. There won't be a lot of mess," he said. "And I have a brand new machine on order. It will trap almost all the dust." He handed Susan an estimate of costs and put us on his schedule. "It should only take a few days. You won't have to move out. All in all, we are pretty pleased with Bob's services.

Our kitchen is more cheerful and homey. It makes Susan happy. And a happy Susan means more baked goods for all."

Bob's advice, along with the most personable flooring edger rental in MN (to name one of many things they rent out), made for full, happy tummies.

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Carmella and Susan