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You can so sand your own floor.

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We can help you refinish wood floors yourself!

When I bought my first house, plenty of well-intentioned people were eager to offer me advice. But the advice I most remember came from my first boss.

He assured me that, I could handle any home handywoman project, with one bright, shining exception: never, ever try to sand your own hardwood floor.

It seems so funny looking back at that now, knowing what profession I landed in. But I've come to realize that he was right.

For the ignorant and over-confident (and I was definitely both when I bought that first house) assuming that you can refinish wood floors yourself just because a hardware store will rent you a sander is sheer madness.

I've now bid enough floors across the Twin Cities to witness all the done-it-myself sanding horrors I was warned about: drum-sander gouges, glaring edger swirl, and finish coats filled with puddles.  

But if you’re reading this, you are neither ignorant nor overconfident, because you are researching the process of how to refinish wood floors yourself before you begin.

You can do a great refinishing job, even as a first-time do-it-yourselfer, if you plan your job and get some instruction first. This is where Pete’s Hardwood Floors comes in.

You can rent floor sanders all over Twin Cities. But we are the only ones who offer a free, hands-on, personal lesson with every equipment rental.

You get a free lesson! Sand your wood floors yourself - with help!

Our lesson is not just reviewing the low-budget training video that came with the sander, no. This training takes place on a real hardwood floor with the very machine you will rent.

It is taught by an actual hardwood flooring contractor and will address the particular floor project that you are facing (I encourage you to bring in photos of your actual floor, and at the very least I will make you draw me a floor plan of your job).

Look, we’re not promising to turn you into a flooring professional with one lesson. But we can assure you that 60 minutes running an actual sander is better than any amount of advice from your 'helpful' neighbors. Or from the internet. 

  • The information we share with you is backed up by our past and ongoing experience as hardwood flooring contractors. 
  • The techniques we teach are the techniques we use, learned from the experience and mistakes of the past 12 years. 
  • The products we sell are the products we apply on floors for customers every week and we have a reason for choosing every single one (and we can tell you about the three products we won’t carry because they didn’t work—don’t get me started on flooring bleach).  

Even if you’re not sure whether you want to hire someone or try to refinish your wood floor yourself, feel free to bring photos and measurements of your project – we can talk you through all the steps and help you come to a decision.

And if all else fails, sure, you can hire us to do the job (but that has happened only once since we opened the store).

So come down and talk to us. Knowledge is power, my friends. Sand on.

Kadee, the Sander Rental Goddess