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elanWe can't tell how many people just tell us they are going to hand-scrape the finish from under their radiators.  Keep in mind that here in the Twin Cities, we see 1920s era radiators that can be eight feet long!

There is another contingent of people who insist that the radiators need to be removed entirely to sand beneath them.  Not true! $25 will rent you a cute little edger that reaches all the way under your radiator, saves your knuckles, save you from having to drain your radiator system and allows you to keep the heat on.  

The Lagler Elan comes with either a long snout (for reaching under wide radiators) or the short snout for baseboard radiators, toe kicks and stair treads.  

When there is a better tool for the job, you should use it. It will make your life easier - and make your job easier. 

Peruse Pete's list of rental equipment we will send home with you, and if you have questions about how best to edge around your radiator, give us a call