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We've spent the last decade exclusively renting drum sanders.  We do this because we know drum sanders are really efficient, but more importantly, because we have the luxury of being able to train our customers on those drum sanders.

But sometimes you need an easier option

usandIn our old age, we're beginning to see the need for a sanding option that doesn't require training (not everybody has the time or inclination for our free hands on personal lessons) and doesn't require bending over an edger.  

Be warned that the U-Sand won't work for every floor - there are old and distorted boards with deep low spots that a U-Sand will never grind down to. The U-Sand is typically best for new floors.  

If you are willing to accept that the U-Sand will take a little longer and perhaps require a bit more paper, it could be just the solution for you. Talk to us, and we can tell you more about this great machine. 

For information about our floor sandar rental options, check out our helpful description of Pete's hardy rental equipment and info on  renting the U-Sand