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Here is Pete's Top 6 List of the things we wish customers would not do to machines, and how to avoid doing them.

The lion's share of staff time in the store is spent taking care of the equipment we rent. On any given day we get 20-30 machines returned. All thirty of them must be cleaned, inspected, tested, and often repaired before they can be returned to service. Because the machines arrive back at Pete's dusty from the jobsite, all the cleaning happens outdoors, even when it's 15° below zero in Minnesota! 

But sometimes there is more than dust in the machines. Here's how to avoid ending up on the list.

We've spent the last decade exclusively renting drum sanders.  We do this because we know drum sanders are really efficient, but more importantly, because we have the luxury of being able to train our customers on those drum sanders.  

We can't tell how many people just tell us they are going to hand-scrape the finish from under their radiators.  Keep in mind that here in the Twin Cities, we see 1920s era radiators that can be eight feet long!  

Floor stapler or clean nailer? These tools come into play when you install hardwood flooring and also when you have to patch it. And you can pick one of the two.