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At Pete’s, everybody calls me (Kadee Macey) the Sander Rental Goddess for good reason: I’m your go-to person for all things hardwood sanding. But let me tell you that I’m well aware of the vast online trophyblog community of other female power tool-wielders, do it yourself divas, and heavy machinery mavens. There are ladies all over the Twin Cities and the U.S. who aren’t afraid to “do it yourself” for the hard, messy, sweaty home projects that you usually call somebody else to take care of.

In an effort to applaud fellow goddesses (and give a standing ovation for excellent blogs out there), Pete’s Hardwood Floors has created an award to give to the top three DIY/home improvement blogs written by fellow goddesses. Qualifications for the award included exceptional writing, outstanding blog resources for visitors, and most of all, an impressive expertise with home do it yourself projects. We’re not just talking craft projects with pipe cleaners and sewing machines here. Our award is for the heavy, big bad, rip-your-house-apart-and-put-it-back-together-again projects.

We believe in empowering people to tackle big home projects on their own. These women are making it possible. Kudos to you all.

Check out our winners below!


Hammers and High Heels

Redecorating and DIY home improvement tutorials from a charming Minneapolis, MN home. 


This sweet, upbeat, and incredibly useful blog is the creation of Carla, an energetic young woman who’s journaling her early homeownership of a cute Minneapolis fixer-upper through blogging about her home improvement projects. The blog is, in her words, a “documenting our adventures turning a 1924 Dutch Colonial with a lot of potential into the home of our dreams.” On her blog she has over 40 wonderful tutorials for everything from refinishing wood cabinets to installing a new toilet. Carla’s energy and vision is infectious, and I promise if you hop over there and browse some of her tutorials, you’ll want to start some in your own home. We’re proud to name a fellow Minnesotan to our goddess wall of fame.

the-flooring-girlThe Flooring Girl

Official store blog offering excellent tips, advice, and tutorials on hardwood flooring, carpet, or tile. 

Debbie Gartner might be my (Kadee's) equivalent out in Westchester, NY. As a hardwood flooring expert and owner of her own flooring shop, she’s far enough away that we can happily give her an award free of jealousy and fear that she might steal our customers (although if you want to drive out to New York from Minnesota to meet with Debbie, well, by all means, go for it). On her website, Debbie drums up helpful blog posts for her customers, putting their fears and questions to rest, and displaying a rich understanding of the flooring industry. All in all, she’s got a great business and an even greater blog, with tips, videos, and advice for her customers. Keep up the good work, Debbie.

pretty-handy-girlPretty Handy Girl

Educational blog to empower new "DIY-ers" to do great home improvement, repairs, decor, and crafting. 

Ready to get inspired and empowered? Brittany the “Pretty Handy Girl” is downplaying her talents when she advertises herself as “pretty” handy. The woman’s got extensive recommendations on what tools to include in your toolbox, describes her car as the “handymobile,” and balances blogging on top of owning two businesses and mothering two boys. The woman does it all - from electrical to plumbing to building and installing anything and everything, like window seats to her own wood floor (yay!). She kindly walks readers through her projects step-by-step. This is a truly useful blog in every way by a fellow goddess who’s out to change the stereotype that women can’t be handy. We’re with you, Brittany!


Congrats to our winners! Go visit their sites! We’re proud of them.