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Bona Professional Floor Cleaner Spray

$20.00 each

Bona Pro HW 32 Cleaner

Bona Professional Floor Cleaner Spray

Cleaning polyurethaned hardwood floors isn't difficult; the most important thing to remember is to clean with a product that doesn't leave a residue. Residue is bad because, eventually you will need to recoat that floor and anything oily or or waxy will prevent that coat from bonding to your existing finish. Sometimes is hard to know which cleaners leave behind unwelcome residues, but we know that the Bona Professional Floor Cleaner Spray will not do so!

And, this Bona spray is not the garden variety Bona that is available in the bigger, boxy stores, no. This is the professional version which we are assured contains a degreasing agent that is not present in the ordinary Bona spray. 

We use this product constantly in the shop (because our floor is a display area and a dirty display area would not do) and it does a superior job on the flotsam and detritus that gets tracked across it every day. 

Just think what it could do for your house.

32 oz. bottle