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The 8" Lagler Hummel.

hummelThe HUMMEL belt sanding machine is the best-known floor sanding machine in the world. Designed by Eugene Lagler in Germany in the late 1960s, it was the first floor sanding machine in the world to feature an endless belt for continual sanding.

Hummels are the BMWs of the sanding world: German-built, and beautifully engineered for smooth handling and aggressive performance.

But Hummels get their increased performance from their 220v motor, which means that you can't just plug this machine right into a wall outlet, as you can with conventional sanders (read the side-bar "So How Do I Plug it In?" on the right). So, it takes some additional planning to rent this heavier and more powerful machine, but you will find that it cuts a floor much more quickly than 110v sanders; customers who have graduated to the Hummel rarely go back to using the smaller sanders.


Pete’s prides itself on carefully maintained Hummels! But the best way to take care of a finely-engineered machine is to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged in the first place.

So, you’ll find us a bit protective of our Hummels; we won’t rent to just anybody, and we make you promise to take care of them like they were your own.

That means agreeing to follow Pete’s Guidelines of Hummel Love:

  1. Dont Mow with the Hummel 1Always separate the Hummel motor from the chassis during transport or when the  machine is done for the day. Not only does this make it safer for you to lift the machine, but it keeps the  wheels from developing flat spots and keeps the belts from permanently kinking (kinked belts and lumpy wheels lead to waves and chatter on your floor).
  2. Always carry the chassis from your vehicle to the job! When you roll the machine over outdoor surfaces, the wheels and the drum can be damaged by gravel and debris which can, in turn, damage your floor. And don’t roll it over the grass either.
  3. We  like nice, smooth sanding drums and we inspect your machine drum before we load it into your vehicle and again when you return to check for damage. Feel free to point out any existing drum damage prior to your rental and it will be noted on your contract. Making sure that your floor is well-secured and free of any protruding nails or staples will prevent you from having to pay for costly drum damage.
  4. Always use the motor switch to turn the Hummel off. The big red emergency stop button on the side of the dust pipe is a delicate mechanism; if it is used repeatedly to turn the machine off, it loses sensitivity.
  5. Our Hummels are adjusted for even sanding drum pressure so we ask that you do not make any adjustments to the drum leveling mechanism. You can adjust the drum pressure using the spring switch at the base of the dust pipe, but if you have any issues about about machine performance, please call the store immediately at  651-698-5888.
  6. Our Hummels are adjusted to track smoothly for 3M brand sanding belts. If you are using a different brand, you may have to adjust the tracking mechanism at the upper roller. This is not a machine defect! We include a hex wrench and a socket wrench so you can make the appropriate adjustment at the upper roller (see tracking instructions at right).

hummel-manualHere's where to download the Hummel Operator's Manual!