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We train contractors too.

Are you a small general contractor tired of subcontracting out your hardwood flooring work? Have you installed lots of floors, but hesitate when it comes to the sanding stage? We can help you!  

Learn to use a small 110V drum sander and her companion, the 7" edger, and you can handle a bathroom sand, small porches or bedrooms.

  • Learn to use a stair edger and you can bid stairwell refinishing (very lucrative!)
  • Discover the Stair Wizard and become a wiz at installing treads and risers.
  • The powerjack can speed up your installation (those last few boards are beastly without it!)
  • Train on our 220V Hummel for larger whole house jobs.

We’re a resource for REAL flooring contractors too.

HummelWe love our 220v Hummel.

When your big machine is down or your job is big enough for two, rent our 220v Hummel.

We give perks to 'frequent renters.'

If you become a repeat renter at Pete's, we offer special deals.