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 Q. We just bought an old house, and my husband says we can save money by refinishing the floors ourselves. Is he as crazy as I think he is? 
Whitney, Minneapolis

A. Marital advice aside, he’s not crazy. With a little free training at Pete’s, homeowners can reduce their remodeling budget. The customers who have the most successful experience refinishing their floors are the ones who planned their project ahead of time, allowed sufficent time, and allowed for "surprises" along the way. My most disappointed customers usually decided to do their project about an hour before they showed up to rent machines. They were in a hurry, so they didn't want to take any time for a lesson, and they expected the whole process to be over in a day.

Refinishing floors is not like renting a rug doctor! It's more involved, but the results are so much more long-lasting, so the effort is worth it.

And just in case you're still thinking that I'm making this up, read some of the testimonials of other first-time do-it-yourselfers here.