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Q. Can I sand my own hardwood floors?

A. Don't even question yourself for a moment!

Look, we’re not promising to turn you into a flooring professional with one lesson. And if you need your job to be flawless, you will save a great deal of anguish if you find an experienced contractor to sand your floor and pay accordingly. There is no shame in paying well for craftsmanship.  

But keep this in mind: a patient, careful homeowner can often do a better job on their own floor (even if it's their first time sanding) than the low-bid, handy-dude.

You care more about your project than anyone you'll hire, and certainly more than anyone who claims they will sand your floor for $2 a square foot. We can at least steer you around the things that can go wrong or talk you through how to correct them.

If something goes wrong with low-bid handy-dude, he isn't coming back to fix it. 

We'll teach you what to do. Let us talk you into trying it yourself.