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2013 NWFA Floor of the Year

Here at Pete’s, we frequently get bogged down with minutiae of subsistence flooring information: how do you install it, how do you sand it, and how to you clean it?  But it’s good to be reminded occasionally that hardwood floors can be transcendent.

This floor won the National Wood Flooring Association’s Member’s Choice award this year. It’s a nail-down parquetry miracle built from 18 different species of wood, and they call it “Woodpile.”  

When art historians talk about the history of painting, they are mostly talking about the challenge of depicting a three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface. This wood painting is one of the most convincing depictions of depth I have ever seen.  It makes me want to reach in and pull out a board. The only problem I see here is that this floor is going to drown out any piece of furniture that is placed on it.  

If it were mine, I would have to leave this room empty and let the floor sing.