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We love those dramatic ‘before and after’ photos from homeowners.

Make sure you take photos before you get started.

It will help you during the process, and give you monster bragging rights later on. Send ‘em in, and we’ll post them here.


photobook rachelw

Rachel and Stan, daughter and dad

They loved the experience of refinishing the floors in her new 1920 bungalow home.

photobook johna

John A's project to remove a tub outline.

His dramatic before-and-after photos are worth a look, and could inspire you.

photobook peterl

Peter L's gorgeous floor project

A challenging experience, but every time he looks at his floors, it was worth every minute of it.

photobook shame

The Wall of Shame

You REALLY don't want to end up on Kadee's Wall of Shame. These photos are scary.