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Renting the right machine saves time.

We're a little opinionated about which machine does what, but that's a good thing. See our list of rental equipment.

Are you trying to sand an older floor floor down to bare, clean pretty wood?

A drum sander  ez-8 drum sander and an edgerclarke super-7 edger pretty photo will get the job done in the shortest time with the least amount of sandpaper.

For some refinishing projects (especially if you haven't had any training on a drum sander), the U-Sand is a fine alternative, but it will take more time, especially on old maple floors. Heavy shellac or old varnish floors will require large quantities when using the U-Sand.

buffer for web


Buffers like this will NOT be aggressive enough to remove finish or scarred wood, no matter how coarse the abrasive - the are too light and their motors just aren't powerful enough.


Are you trying to sand a newly-installed floor?

We still think drum sanders and edgers are the most efficient way to do this.

But the U-Sand is great option for sanding new floors, especially if you want to avoid running the edger.

Occasionally, for fir or pine floors, a bufferbuffer for webwith a hard plate like this hard plate for buffercan remove mill marks and small amounts of overwood to prepare the floor for finish. But it won't work for harder woods like oak or maple.

Are you trying to sand under your kitchen toe-kicks or baseboard radiators?

The radiator edger with the short snoutelan short snout will let you reach under here toe kick or here baseboard radiator.

What about stair treads?

If they're in tough shape, we recommend starting with the big edgerclarke super-7 edger pretty photo and switching to a palm sander.
If the treads aren't too bad, you can do all the passes with the short-snout edger elan short snoutand use the stair tread extender stair tread extensionto give your edger wheels a nice place to roll.