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Are you wondering which machine is right for your project? You need Pete’s.

We have the cutest and best-maintained equipment in the Twin Cities.

If you need a machine rental, from drum sanders to floor scrubbers, we have the tools for you! Check out our rental information below, and call the shop with any questions. 

The equipment is well-maintained and our knowledgable employees will answer any question you have.

Get a free hands-on lesson with every rental, too; just be sure to schedule in advance!

EZ-8 number 3Alto/Clarke EZ-8 Sander Rental

We have 11 of these for rent!

  • 125 lbs, 115V, 12 amps (prefers a 20 amp circuit)
  • 21-1/2" x 16" x 35-1/2"
  • 25' cord included
  • Motor separates from handle for easy transport; fits easily into small vehicles (we even loaded it onto a bicycle trailer once).
  • Abrasive: 8 x 19" sleeve (drum is 8" wide)
  • Dust bag is included!
  • Attached vacuum system available at additional cost
  • Drum sanders DO NOT sand all the way to the wall; you will need to rent an edger for that. Happily, that is the next machine in the list, so just keep reading.
  • If scheduled in advance, free lesson included with 24-hour rental (sorry, 4-hour rentals do not include free training)

Sander rental:

$60 for 4 hours, $80 for 24 hours + 1 hour grace, $140 for 48 hours + 1 hour grace

Spinner edger rentalAlto/Clarke B-2 or Super 7 Spinner Edger Rental

We have 11 of these for rent!

  • 28 lbs, 115V Height: 13-1/2"
  • The B-2 has two speeds: use high for aggressive cutting, low for the last fine cuts
  • produces 3200 rpm for fast, rough sanding; at low speed, 2800 rpm for fine, finish sanding. Built-in headlight.
  • Abrasive: 7" diameter, 5/16" center hole
  • Comes with detachable dust bag. Optional attached vacuum system available at additional cost (see Alto Vac)
  • If scheduled in advance, free lesson included with 24-hour rental (sorry, 4-hour rentals do not include free training)

Spinner edger rental:

$45 for 4 hours, $55 for 24 hours + 1 hour grace, $100 for 48 hours +1 hour grace

Sander rental

Lagler Hummel 8" Belt Sander Rental

We have 1 of these for rent!

  • 183 lbs. Professional 220v belt sander
  • 41"l x 14"w x 39"h
  • Abrasive belt size: 8" x 29-1/2"
  • WARNING: requires electrician for power hook-up or previous experience with power hook-up directly into panel: Pete's Hardwood Floors will not train inexperienced operators to supply power to this machine. Read more about renting the Hummel.
  • Equipped with emergency stop, detachable dust bag.
  • Machine must always be transported with motor separated from chassis, and all drive belts removed.

Belt sander rental:

$100 for 4 hours, $150 for 24 hours. Includes 200' of cord!

Edger rentalLagler Elan Radiator & Stair Edger Rental

We have 3 of these to rent!

  • 18 lbs.
  • This edger has two interchangeable attachments: a short one for sanding stair treads, and a longer one for sanding under radiators. Tell us which one you need and we'll have it set up for you!
  • Abrasive: 6" diameter  with  5/16" center hole.
  • Detachable dust bag or rent a vacuum and attach it directly to the dust pipe!

  • Why rent a radiator edger?

Stair edger rental:

$45 for 4 hours, $55 for 24 hours, $100 for $48 hours

stair jig for webStair Jig Rental

We have 2 of these for rent!

If you are sanding stair treads, you will quickly become exhausted because edgers are deeper than treads are wide! Which means there is no place for the wheels to sit, and you have to hold the edger level with the power of your biceps.

There is a better way - just set this mini-scaffold on the tread below the one you are sanding and it will magically make a wider platform for the tread you are sanding. Safer, easier and better.

  • Adjustable legs
  • Works with regular edger or stair edger

Stair jig rental: 

$15 for 24 hours

Oreck orbiter new13" Oreck Buffer Rental

We have 4 of these for rent!

Perfect for small spaces, or for people who struggle to control a larger, conventional buffer (which is most of us!). Oreck buffers are as easy to use as vacuums - no training necessary.

Easy to transport in any vehicle. Perfect for applying natural penetrating finishes or prepping polyurethane floors for recoating. Not suitable for large jobs.

  • 26 lbs
  • 48" high - even fits in the front seat of a car
  • Uses 13" diameter pads and screens
  • Also a fabulous scrubber for really dirty floors!

Oreck buffer rental:

$45 for 4 hours, $55 for 24 hours,$100 for 48 hours

16" Floor Buffer Rental

Floor buffer rental

We have 4 of these for rent!

We know that  buffers look somehow innocent and easy to control, especially compared to drum sanders, but don't believe it! Buffers are strange and squirrely and require a little training  to be able to control.

If you've never run a buffer before, let us know when you call to rent and we'll find a time to bring you up to speed on her secrets.

  • 85 lbs.
  • 16" diameter polisher
  • 49" high
  • Requires grounded 120V circuit
  • Does not break down for transport, but will fit back seat of most mid-size vehicles.
  • Brush or pad driver must be removed when not in use to prevent brush damage and wobble problems.
  • Really worried about dust?  We have buffers that can be hooked up to our vacuums and fitted with a skirt to keep dust to an absolute minimum - just ask!

16" buffer rental:

$45 for 4 hours, $55 for 24 hours, $100 for 48 hours

Diamabrush Tomcat 16" buffer drive plate rental  Temporarily unavailableDiamabrush wood

We have 1 of these for rent!

Do you need to remove thick, black tar, paper backing, or adhesive from your hardwood floor? Have you tried scraping and solvents to no avail?

This diamond-blade scraper plate is driven with our 16" buffer (rented separately) and chips off those thick, stubborn coatings with ease, but minimal wood removal.

You will still need to do finish sanding after the Tomcat has done her work, but it will eliminate the need for the rough cuts on your floor sanders - don't worry, we can advise you on that.

  • Requires additional rental of 16" buffer
  • Can make the buffer a bit more challenging to control
  • Be careful if you are using this on fir or pine

16" Diamabrush drive platerental:

$50 for 24 hours

U-Sand Rental

U-Sand rental

We have 1 of these, so be sure to reserve it!

Perfect for new floors, decks (with all the screws counersunk, of course) or very flat flat floors with a small amount of finish.  No edger necessary!

  • 85lbs - transports easily in the trunk of most vehicles, but lifting it in and out of a vehicle requires two people.
  • No dust bag - dust port attaches directly to a vacuum (not included)
  • Uses 6" diameter hook and loop abrasive for easy sandpaper changes

U-Sand rental:

$60 for 4 hours, $80 for 24 hours (U-Sand plus vaccum rental is $80 for 4 hours, $100 for 24 hours)

Sanitaire 13" Buffer Rental

sanitaire 13 inch buffer

We have 2 of these!

If you have tiny spaces (like kitchens and hallways) and are a bit intimidated by the 16" buffer, this little 13" buffer is perfect. It is still a powerful machine, so you'll want just a moment of training, but once you know how she works, she will float for you like a little boat!

This is particularly user-friendly for applying Rubio Monocoat or preparing older floors for recoating.

  • Uses 13" diameter pads and screens
  • 70 lbs
  • Handle telescopes down for particularly easy transport

Sanitaire 13" buffer rental:

$45 for 4 hours, $55 for 24 hours

Rolling, high-capacity vacuumGulper 600SS for web

We have 1 of these!

Edgers, radiator edgers, 16" buffers, and the U-Sand can all be attached directly to a vacuum for more convenient dust control! Sometimes regular shop vacs don't work with floor sanders because those pleated paper filters fill up quickly with the amount of dust floor sanding produces.

Our vacuum has a powerful motor an easy-to-empty canvas filter bag.

  • 30 lbs
  • rolling wheels
  • comes with a beautiful, soft-bristle wand

Rolling Vacuum rental:

$40 for 4 hours, $50 for 24 hours

Backpack Vacuum

Nothing makes cleanup easier than a powerful vacuum that you can wear on your back! This vac works well with 16" buffers, but is just too small to handle all the dust from drums or edgers.

It makes final dust removal after sanding (or even after drywall sanding or popcorn ceiling removal) a dream!

  • 10 quart removable dust bag included
  • soft-bristle wand included
  • straps adjustable for all heights and sizes

Backpack Vacuum rental:

$40 for 4 hours, $50 for 24 hours


You're installing the last few boards of your project and you realize that your nailer is too wide to fit in the space you have left.

How do you get those last boards to snug together nice and tight without the help of your pneumatic nailer? You use a ratchet-drive Powerjack!

Brace one end against a scrap board against your wall, and crank the crank and it will pull your last board tight into the already installed boards. Primitive and magical all at the same time

  • No cords, no electrity; just natural human power
  • Small enough to sit on the seat next to you on the bus. Or in your bike basket
  • Ask us how to show you how to release the cranked pressure before you leave!

Powerjack rental:

$15 for 24 hours

Bostitch MIIIFS Floor Stapler Rental

stapler green for web

We have 4 of these so there is always one immediately available. But not all of them are green.

  • Uses 16 gauge glue-coated staples with a 2" leg and 1/2" crown, in 45 staple magazines
  • Rental includes rubber mallet
  • Pneumatic- requires use of a compressor (available separately)

Bostitch MIIIFS Floor Stapler Rental:

$50 for 24 hours, $90 for for 48 hours (price does not included compressor)

Powernail 50P Floor Nailer RentalFloor Nailer Rental

 We have 2 of these.

The adjustable cleat nailer! This nailer has an infinitely adjustable foot that will accomodate flooring from 1/2" to 3/4" in thickness.

  • Takes 1 3/4" 18 gauge cleat
  • This is the preferred fastener for especially hard, brittle woods, particularly exotics and bamboo
  • Pneumatic - requires a compressor (not included)

Powernail 50P Floor Nailer Rental:

$50 for 24 hours, $90 for 48 hours, $100 for 72 hours (price does not include compressor)

delmhorst accuscan

Delmhorst Accusan Pinless Moisture Meter or J-Lite 2-pin Penetrating Moisture Meter Rental

  • Confirm the acclimatization your subfloor and your destination wood before you install!  
  • Pinless meter is easiest to use
  • If you are trying to track down the source of a moisture problem, the J-Lite will give more data on deeper-lying moisture in your wood

Moisture Meter Rental:

$17 for 24 hours, or get one free day of use if you purchase more than 100sqft of any hardwood flooring from Pete's!