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Welcome to Pete’s Wood Techniques 101.

hardwood_floor_refinishing_MNHardwood floor refinishing. MN hardcore. Nothing hard about it. 

There’s a lot to know…but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through every step, with clear instructions, plenty of detail and a dash of attitude for good measure. (When you’re wrestling a floor sander, a little attitude is a good thing.)

We can tell you everything you need to know about wood floor refinishing, MN friends. 

And remember, if there’s something, anything, you’re unsure of, we’re just a phone call away with answers.

We ♥ DIY-ers. And wood floor refinishing ♥'s you.

We know it sounds like gimmick, but hardwood floor do-it-yourselfers in MN are our specialty.

Before you decide to do it yourself.

Know what you need to know about wood floor refinishing, and be ready.

Sanding your floor.

This is Floor Sanding Central, where you can learn everything about:

Installing wood floors.

Finishing your hardwood floors.

Pete's Hardwood Floors is a top Twin Cities choice for hardwood floor refinishing.

MN homeowners trust us to rent them quality equipment and teach them how to refinish their floors to perfection. 

If you're in the St. Paul area and you're interested in refinishing your hardwood floors, 

1. Get your questions answered by reading through our informational content above.

2. Stop by the store or give us a call!