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So you’ve decided to refinish your hardwood floors yourself? We ♥ DIY-ers.

We’ve got everything you need for DIY wood flooring in Minnesota.

Hardwood floor do-it-yourselfers are our specialty. We cater to DIYers. Offering genuinely practical advice and equipment to the weekend home warrior is what we love best.

We’ve already successfully trained over 3,000 DIY wood flooring customers — you can’t be that different.

Sometimes we wish that we had recorded the profession of every one of our DIY customers from the day we opened; we would have a compelling record of the huge variety of people who can really do this, and do it well.

The people who we helped to tackle their own wood flooring in Minnesota are vast and various. We've had archeologists, librarians, lawyers (lots of those), a dresser for the Minnesota Opera, pastors, an aenesthesiologist, and a young man who was principal viola for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. 

We've had parents bring their 15 year-olds to participate in training and we had one amazing 83 year-old woman who sat on a footstool to use the edger.

How did all these different people succeed at this?

They planned ahead.

peterl 005 webThis means that they thought about their job at least a week ahead of time. They assessed their floor's condition honestly and allotted appropriate time for the project.

DIY wood flooring customers who think installation or refinishing will be quick one-day projects are usually disappointed with the results.

They were willing to take a lesson.

They brought pictures of their floor to the lesson and knew their square footage (the more we know about your particular floor, the more personalized we can make your lesson) and they submitted gracefully to Kadee's stern teaching methods.

Pete’s is the only shop that offers a free, hands-on, personal lesson with every equipment rental (and they booked it in advance!).

They put their trust in Pete's.

yes we are meanWe aren't really mean, but we are frank and bossy, because we've been sanding and installing other people's floors for 20 years and we've been helping homeowners for 18 years. It is highly unlikely that your neighbor/cousin/co-worker has encountered as many flooring conditions as we have, so be careful whose advice you follow.

So, this is your gateway to the successful path that so many of our customers have trod. Read these DIY wood flooring articles while you're still deciding to do it yourself because, yes, knowledge is power.

They OVER-estimated how hard it would be.

Sanding floors is a huge amount of work. This website is not claiming that the process is easy or that just anyone can do it.

Dedicated, realistic people who plan the job and assume it will take longer that expected are the ones who succeed. 

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