A call to Pete’s Help Hotline fixed this plaid hardwood floor

Where do you get your wood floor advice?

And how do you know you are renting a quality sander?

A DIYer named Tim trusted his local general rental store to guide him, but they told him to cut against the grain when he didn’t need to, and they rented him a defective drum sander. 😤😱

He ended up with a plaid floor. Yoikes!!!

He lives too far away to rent from Pete’s storefront in MN, but he bought a $25 consult session on Pete’s Hardwood Floors Help Hotline and we talked him through the fix.

And he sent us his plaid-free “after” picture. The moral of the story: trust Pete’s for both consultations and rentals. Sometimes $25 can save you $200.

Pete's Hardwood Floor Help Hotline red button