Get a one-on-one phone consultation with a hardwood flooring expert.

Sometimes you just need a second opinion.

Do you have a specific wood floor problem, need insight before hiring a professional for your job—or have a question that Google can’t quite answer? Talk to Pete’s Hardwood Floors Help Hotline.

For a small fee of $25, we can provide the wisdom and knowledge that you need to complete your hardwood flooring project.

When you don’t know what you need to do next, that’s when it’s time to call Pete’s Hardwood Floors Help Hotline.

This service is easiest to access if you have a US phone number. If you are looking for consulting support and you live outside the US, we would be delighted to connect with you via email. Reach out to us at peteshardwoodfloors@gmail.com and we will find a way to take payment and share photos of your flooring project!


Professional Consulting

Step 1: Sign up and pay online.

Click the Add to Cart button and you’ll be taken to the payment side of the transaction. If you’re outside the US please email peteshardwoodfloors@gmail and we’ll find a different way to handle payment.

Step 2: Send hardwood floor photos to Pete’s.

While you’re waiting for Pete’s to receive proof of payment, you can email a few photos of the project in question to us, and you can even add a summary of the problem.

The more we know about the issue at hand, the better we can help!

Step 3: Await your scheduling email or call.

After we confirm your order, we’ll reach out to you by phone or email, usually within one business day, to schedule your consult. We can have a nice long chat about all your woes. Tissues optional.