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Pete's storefront is located in St. Paul, Minnesota, but we’re tickled that people from all over the world find our website online and call or email to get our advice about a specific flooring situation.

We get “S.O.S.” calls about hardwood flooring dilemmas nearly every day.

It’s our privilege to rescue troubled DIY-ers in need! Faraway friends who’ve read our “Wood Floor Techniques 101” or gotten some advice from Kadee over the phone often want to say thank you in a tangible way.

If we’ve been of service to you, and you’d like to express your gratitude, please don’t write us into your will, name your new hardwood floor after us, or send flowers. That’d just be embarrassing.

However, we do love coffee.

The sign in our store (shown to the right) attests to that.

We like to know our “Minnesota Nice” is paying off with happy customers and beautiful hardwood floors.

If you want to express your gratitude, just make a little contribution to our coffee fund. We’ll be thrilled.

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