Can this floor be sanded?

Q.  Attached is a picture of the main floor of our house. It is carpeted now, and we’re looking to bring back the wood. We’re trying to determine if we can do it by renting a sander or if need to hire out. Also trying to figure out if wood is good yet in other areas of house (stairs and closets have wood and look great).

– Bill S. August 20, 2012


A. I’d want to see the actual floor to confirm, but it appears that you have a layer of sheet vinyl or linoleum directly under that carpet. I can tell because the first photograph shows that the dye from the pattern on the vinyl has imprinted itself onto the carpet pad. Both the carpet and the vinyl need to be removed because you can even determine if there is wood to save. Send us another photo once you can see the hardwood, and we can help you assess it.

Feel free to contact our Help Hotline and send photos along with your burning questions, like Bill did. We’re happy to try and give you guidance on your floor.

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