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There are three great ways to reach Pete’s.

You can stop by the store, call us, or buy some consultation time. Here’s how.

1. Visit our flooring supplies and sander rental store!

If you live in the Twin Cities' vicinity, Pete's is the most knowledgeable flooring supplies and sander rental shop you’ll ever visit. And the cutest. 

Petestorefront 1260As an MN-based flooring supplies store for sander rentals and products for hardwood floor refinishing, we love helping Twin Cities homeowners accomplish flooring projects with pride.

Let's talk about your hardwood flooring project and we'll go from there.

Store Hours:

We are back to near-normal hours, but to keep you safe, we ask that we serve only one customer at a time from our new will-call desk at the front of the store. We'll fetch your product safely from the counter - like an old-timey general store!

Monday  9-4
Tuesday 9-4
Wednesday 9-4
Thursday 9-4
Friday 9-4
Saturday 9-3
Sunday closed

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Store Location

Our shop location in St. Paul is at 186 Fairview Avenue North, St. Paul, MN 55104.Store 1241

We are at the intersection of Selby and Fairview Avenues. We share the corner with the wonderful antique emporium, The Mall of St. Paul, and the infamous Blue Door Pub.

Parking can be tight sometimes, but we do have two reserved and dedicated parking spots in the parking lot behind our building.

Enter on Selby and drive all the way back—we're the only door back there with a little deck and a roof. 

2. Call us on the phone, but remember...

...we really are just a small, local business. Call 651-698-5888 to

But if you are calling to complain about your flooring professional, or ask questions about products you have purchased elsewhere, we have a great alternative:

3. Buy some phone consultation time with a flooring professional.

We love offering this website for free to help the whole world with their sanding, but we can't handle all the questions that come in from around the country.

Book a 15-minute consult with the Sander Rental Goddess' hotline. For a very modest fee, you can have our undivided attention. You can send us photos! You can storm and rage! We are good listeners and explainers and we can make it all better.

You can also drop by our Facebook page to say hi.

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