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6" Paint Pad Refill Paint Pad Refill - saves you real cash dollars!.. Product #: 6 Regular price: $5.50 $5.50

6" Paint Pad Refill


Price: $5.50

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You won't need this unless you've previously bought a whole paint pad assembly from us. But once you have the paint pad handle, you will find it is much cheaper to just replace the pad. Especially if you are switching from your oil-based sealer coat to your waterborne topcoats! Or if it's been a few months since you coated and your original pad has gone a bit crunchy.

What? You don't have a whole pad painter assembly yet? You need that. Go read about here.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply chain issues, the ShurLine brand pads that we have carried previously are no longer available. These paint pad replacement pads are a different brand and size.