Hire Pete’s to do it for you.

Bob Carlson is not named Pete, but he is one of three owners of Pete’s Hardwood Floors.

Bob Carlson, the Floor Whisperer

Of all the flooring stores in Minnesota, Bob makes Pete’s really incredible for these reasons:

Bob doesn’t supervise crews of roaming floor sanders.

Bob bids your job.

Bob sands your job.

Bob installs, patches, recoats or otherwise makes your floor beautiful.

Applying finish to wood floor with a t-bar
Installing wood floor with nailer

He’s been installing and sanding floors for Pete’s since 1996.

He returns all phone calls and arrives on time.

He has a file full of references who would be happy to tell you that he worked in their homes, carefully and respectfully.

Very simple. No miscommunication. No bait and switch to an unnamed subcontractor.

But Bob is very fussy—about floors, and which projects he will take on.

He only takes the type of project that best fit his experience, and where he knows he can make the most difference.

His experience and depth of knowledge about all things hardwood floors puts him a notch above the competition.

Bob only works in the City of St. Paul proper and the City of Roseville in Minnesota. 

Before you call to request a bid, make sure Bob is a good fit for you:

What type of project will Bob do?

We focus on refinishing and installation of solid hardwood, with an emphasis on older homes, but Bob will respectfully decline to bid refinishing jobs that involve darkening or changing the color of maple or birch floors.

He will happily sand those, but would encourage use of a clear or natural finish, but no stain. He will stain oak floors. Bob loves installs and patching historic floors, but he will not do glue-down installations of wood flooring.

If you are looking for just the lowest bidder, Bob is probably not your guy.

Alas, while Bob is wonderful, he is but one man.

And one man can only travel so far, so we have a limited geographic reach. Bob only works in the City of St. Paul proper and the City of Roseville.

Bob is very popular, and is usually booked out a bit.

There is usually a two-month wait between a signed contract and the start of scheduled work in your property, especially in summer.

Store with sample wood finishes on wall
Orange t-shirts with 'Sorry we're open' graphic

But Bob is not alone.

Oh no. He has the backing of a storefront showroom, staffed with trained flooring professionals, where you can consult a living person about your project ideas, see colors and samples and learn about floor maintenance.

While you’re waiting patiently for your bid, you can:

Check out Pete’s Contracting FAQ.

All the questions we’ve ever been asked about sanding, finishing or installing hardwood floors for customers.

Read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Pete’s.”

We want your job to go as smoothly as possible. Here’s what to expect.

Eyeball our contract.

Here is a sample estimate/contract.

Read or download the Lead Disclosure brochure.

Take a look at the Pre-Lien Notice.

Pete’s Hardwood Floors, Inc. is required by law to provide you with this Pre-Lien Notice.