Is it really that easy?

Q.Your website makes the sanding process look easy. Is this true?

A. Oh, good heavens, no.
A customer actually came into the store this past July and told us that the Pete’s website made the whole floor refinishing process seem easy. This is a terrible mistake on our part.

We’re not promising to make the process easy; but we are promising that, if you get our help, you will sand your floor successfully and you will sand it successfully the first time. But be prepared to be tired and sore by the end of your project. We recommend Aleve before, milkshakes during the process and a hot tub after you’re done.

If you need a little encouragement that yes, you can sand your own hardwood floors, read our page on how we can help you refinish wood floors yourself

Do you need advice for your specific hardwood floor problem?

Get a one-on-one phone consultation with a hardwood flooring expert. For a small fee of $25, we can provide the wisdom and knowledge that you need to complete your hardwood flooring project. When you don’t know what you need to do next, that’s when it’s time to call Pete’s Hardwood Floors Help Hotline.

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