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Pallmann Pallmann Magic Oil Liter If you haven’t already read about Pallmann Magic Oil, don’t buy it just yet! Stop what you are doing.. Product #: MagicOilL Regular price: $130.00 $130.00

Pallmann Magic Oil Liter

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If you haven’t already read about Pallmann Magic Oil, don’t buy it just yet! Stop what you are doing and go here and do some research first. This is a gloriously unique finish – it is not a conventional stain or varnish – and you will want to understand what makes it different before you buy.
We’ve seen and corrected a lot of confusion in consumers who have bought from other suppliers without being educated first and we don’t want that to be you.
But if you have done your research, you know that Pallmann Magic Oil is a penetrating oil system. It is similar to Rubio Monocoat, but what sets it apart is that it is a 2-coat system, rather than just one. This increases sheen and durability, but also makes the application slightly more involved. But don’t let that stop you! We have trained dozens and dozens of DIYers to use this product. The application process will seem odd at first, but you can handle it and it is so worth the effort. Pallmann Magic Oil also has one of the fastest full-cure times of all the penetrating oils: their Neutral oil is fully cured in 12 hours! Fully cured.

Like all penetrating oil finishes, the Pallmann Magic Oil is applied by spreading it across the wood with trowel or a floor buffer, buffed into the grain with a floor buffer, and the excess is then buffed off, leaving a silky, non-plastic finish with just a hint of sheen. It is extremely low in volatile organic compounds, so it is safe to use around pets, children, pregnant ladies, and even people who are highly chemically sensitive. It is resistant to wear, heat, and solvents. It comes in seven colors, which can be mixed together to make dozens of custom shades. It can also be used in layers (one color as the base coat; second color as the top coat) to create dramatic, artistic effects.
Available in 75mL pucks for experimenting and samples
1L container includes the hardener plus TWO gifts with purchase: one pair of protective shoe-booties, AND a 100mL bottle of Pallmann Care for maintaining your Magic-oiled floors.