We love any photo that tells a story.
Even the gnarly ones.

Use these photos to help figure out what’s going on with your floor; it’s unlikely you’re the only one.

Also, take lots of photos before you begin your project. It will help you during the process, and give you monster bragging rights later on. Send ‘em in, and we’ll post them here.

Deep gouges in wood floor

Wall of Shame  You do not want to end up here.

Dark stains on wood floor

Is it pet damage, or water damage? These photos will help you ID your floor damage.

Thin hardwood floor patched with wide boards

Bad Patching  Just don’t do this to your hardwood floors.

Mystery Marks  What the heck is this wood floor damage?

Front view of Pete's store in St. Paul, MN

Pete’s cutest hardwood floor store Shop online, or in the store in St. Paul, MN

The Lesson Room  Pete’s is the only shop that offers free, hands-on, personal hardwood flooring lessons with every 24-hour equipment rental. Miinneapolis/St. Paul MN.