Peter, his wife, his demonic cat and his floor.

Hard work but totally worth it.

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According to Peter, “I have been meaning to post these pics for such a long time now, I feel like I should return my free t-shirt. My wife and I found Pete’s Hardwood Floors soon after we moved and realized we needed to redo our floors before we moved anything in. We couldn’t of been more impressed with this company. Their professionalism, their product and their overall care of their customers is why I am still writing this five months later. 

I thought Kadee did a fantastic job training us on the “machines” and she didn’t let us leave unless she felt comfortable that we knew what we were doing. We even ended up calling her back several times for advice, which she generously gave. The actual process of “redoing” the floors was one of the most physically challenging experiences in my life, but every time I look at these floors, it was worth every minute of it. Thanks again Pete’s!”

The after pic of the living room shows the beautiful red oak floors. The dining room has full sections of floor boards…after spending 48-60 hours straight staring at the floors, he noticed irregular things like that. In the after pic of the hallway, disregard the putty lines—they didn’t want to deal with it. 

The ‘before pic’ of the hallway shows that it was pretty worn down. An ‘after’ pic of the dining room shows that the asbestos tiles were removed and he scraped up the glue and paper. And yes, that is their devil cat in the before living room photo.