The story of Rachel, her dad and an old floor.

Rachel and her dad, Don, spent a weekend patching, sanding and finishing 600sqft of old, heavily finished oak and maple.

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Rachel is a mapmaker and her father is a university professor, so you might think they were smart enough to know better than to try to get this done in two days, but clearly they are strong and determined on top of being really smart.

Rachel said, “I’m a giant nerd for my beautiful floors. They have improved this house unbelievably. People that didn’t see it in the “before” state don’t understand my joy/obsession. Just looking at these photos tonight, now that a few months have passed, I’m shocked at how bad they really were and that I was considering living on them in that condition. Thanks for all your help. I’m sure we took on too much but at least we felt like we knew what we were doing.”

They did some patching in the kitchen, and made patches prettier in the hall. And the living room was just plain scary, but it sanded up beautifully. They said they didn’t have to look very far to find what they needed — perseverance and rented equipment from Pete’s.