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Bona Bona Woodline Oil-Modified Polyurethane Wait, what? Bona, the water-based polyurethane mogul, makes an oil-based poly? Just when you thoug.. Product #: BONA WOODLINE Regular price: $54.00 $54.00

Bona Woodline Oil-Modified Polyurethane

Brand: Bona

Price: $54.00

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Wait, what?

Bona, the water-based polyurethane mogul, makes an oil-based poly?

Just when you thought polyurethane could not get any more confusing, yes, Bona, that giant Swedish waterborned polyurethane specialist, . makes all kinds of finishes for wood floors. They have been making an oil-based polyurethane for decades. And even though it isn't what they are famous for, they are still amazing at it. Bona's Woodline is one the most most respected and consistently produced oil-based products out there. If you've read the rest of our website, you know that oil-based polyurethanes aren't our favorite (high-quality, 2-component waterborne polys are much tougher, are much less stinky and cause less harm to the environment) but if you insist on using them (because they have that amber tone that waterborne polys don't have), Woodline is as good as it gets. 

So why is Pete's bothering to carry the Bona line of oil-based polyurethanes, when they already love and carry the DuraSeal line of oil-based polyurethanes?

It does seem redundant, doesn't it? We still do carry and recommend DuraSeal, but the price has risen precipitously over the last three years, despite the fact that petroleum prices have been dropping (petroleum being the source of the mineral spirits, which are the solvent base of all oil-modified polyurethanes) and despite the fact that the product had not been changed or improved in any way. Woodline is an equivalent quality polyurethane, but has not experienced anywhere near the price hikes of DuraSeal. It made sense to carry a line of oil-based polyurethane that didn't give instant sticker shock.

Key benefits:

Bona Woodline is still as lovely and amber as all oil-based polyurethanes

Available in gallons and quarts

Available in three gloss levels: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Satin

 Due environmental safety concerns, this product can only be ground-shipped and as of 2019 is cannot be sold in gallons (quarts are acceptable) in: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, or Virginia due to VOC regulations in those states.