If you’ve rented one of our machines, never hesitate to call us with a question about how they work: 651-698-5888.

But it never hurts to check the operator’s manual.

We’ve already read all the hardwood floor equipment manuals for rented floor refinishing machines at Pete’s Hardwood Floors. We are happy to explain what we’ve learned to you, but sometimes you have a question in the middle of the night. That’s a good time to refer to the operators’ manuals.

Here are the links to each manual for our rental equipment.

Knowledge is power. You’ve got this!

Operator manuals for Pete’s rental equipment

Sander Operating Manuals 

Clarke EZ-8 Sander manual cover

Clarke EZ-8 drum sander

Clarke B-2 7" edger manual cover

Clarke B-2 edger

Clarke Super 7R DC edger manual cover

Clarke Super-7 edger

Fein Multi-Tool manual cover

Fein Multi-Tool

Lagler 8" Hummel manual cover

Lägler 8″ Hummel

Lagler Elan radiator and stair edger manual cover

Lägler Elan Radiator & Stair Edger

U-Sand manual cover


Buffer Operating Manuals 

Oreck 13″ Buffer

Sanitaire 13″ Buffer

Storm 13″ Buffer

16″ Buffer

Installation Operating Manuals 

Powernail Powerjack

Pete’s Bonus Tips

Why can’t I use my palm sander to remove edger swirl?

Well, you can remove edger swirl with a palm sander, but it complicates things. Palm sanders have an intense, orbital motion that can burnish or over-polish the areas you sand with them. The texture of those burnished areas is smoother and tighter than the areas that were sanded with the drum sander, and this limits the amount of finish those areas can absorb. Areas where the finish has not sunk as deeply into the wood appear lighter, especially next to their drum or edger-sanded neighbors. This gets worse if you stain your floor. Any area that you palm-sanded will literally keep stain from sinking into your wood, leaving a much lighter color that won’t match the more open-textured drum-sanded areas.

It is much safer to correct edger swirl by sanding with the grain using a fresh piece of 80grit sandpaper and your own arm – because your own arm just isn’t capable of burnishing the floor.

If you insist on using a palm sander, either use it over the entire floor (hard on the body, but nice for your floor) or hand sand with 80grit over the areas that you palm sanded.

What our training helps you avoid.

What kind of hardwood sanding (or installing) mistakes can Pete’s help me prevent?

Here are some examples of the results of ignorance and overconfidence:

Powernail 50P Floor Nailer

We have two shiny red cleat nailers with adjustable feet.

They can fasten every flooring thickness from 3/8" up to 3/4".

Check them out, but don't use them just because they're pretty.