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Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C Pure

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If you haven’t already read about Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus2C, don’t buy it just yet! Stop what you are doing and go here and do some research first. This is a gloriously unique finish – it is not a conventional stain or varnish – and you will want to understand what makes it different before you buy.

We’ve seen and corrected a lot of confusion in consumers who have bought from other suppliers and we don’t want that to be you.

But if you already know all about Rubio, we are a great source for it. This ain’t no Amazon, robot-drone supplier. We have been using, selling, and counseling people about this product for over a decade. The first time you use Rubio, it will seem strange and new and you will be thankful to have us as a resource.

Rubio “Pure” is the original and the foundation for all the other colors in the Rubio Moncoat Oil Plus 2C line. Rubio sometimes refers to this product as their “clear” oil, but we find that misleading. Rubio “Pure” does not have any colors or pigments added to it, but it will immediately and distinctly amber any wood it is applied to. This is a positive if you are trying to bring out the contrast in the wood grain, but could be a negative if you want to keep the wood looking as untouched as possible. So we’ve added a few photos of wood with and without Rubio Pure so you can see the difference. This is a crucial data point to have before you buy!

Rubio currently comes in 65 colors, but we sell them as a separate item because they are priced differently than the pure, so just mosey on over to the Rubio Color aisle and explore the rainbow that is the full Rubio line.

In the 1.3L and 350mL sizes, Rubio comes with a separate accelerator to vastly shorten its cure time. If you are using Rubio for a floor you absolutely need the accelerator. If you are using Rubio for a countertop or furniture, you also absolutely need the accelerator. However, if you insist that you have a project where cure time does not matter, the 100mL and 20mL sizes are sold without accelerator. If you need one of the larger sizes without accelerator, call the store at 651-698-5888 and allow us to help you over the phone.

The hardener is a zero-VOC product, but it does contain an isocyanate, which some customers find to be irritating to their skin, and, very rarely, to their lungs. If you know you are sensitive to isocyanates, use the product without accelerator and allow for the longer cure time.

This product is based on linseed oil, which gives off heat as it cures. This makes your application materials into spontaneous combustion hazards. Submerge all applicators in water – do not leave them in bags inside a structure or vehicle until completely dry and cooled.

Single coat, linseed-oil based hard-wax oil finish for all wood types.

This finish is completely matte; there is no sheen. If you need to add just a little bit of luster, you’ll want to topcoat your Rubio with Universal Maintenance Oil.

Both the oil and hardener are free of Volatile Organic Compounds.

Each unit includes one liter of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus and a separate 300mL container of accelerator.

Rubio sizes
1.3L 207.00
100mL 25.00
20mL 7.00
350mL 56.00