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Microfiber Dust Mop Head, 4″ x 18″

Microfiber dry mop head designed for swift removal of dust bunnies and pet hair. Machine washable.


You should dust your hardwood floor with the softest, fluffiest mop head you can find. And look; we found it for you.

This is a microfiber dry mop head with tassels designed for the swift removal of dust bunnies and pet hair from your floor. Yet it is so soft, it will keep all that collected debris from scratching your floor.

This mop head is designed to allow you to dust hardwood floors using our popular microfiber mop system. Treat yourself to this specialty mop head that velcros neatly and securely to our sturdy, almost unbreakable mop head and handle. Our mop system is wider and longer than your flimsy swiffer, and it glides and maneuvers smoother than a gymnast over your floors and under your furniture. This super-soft microfiber head with its extra-fluffy tassels will capture every last bit of cat fur, rabbit fluff, cobweb, or tumbleweed and keep it trapped in the mop until you shake it out outside, or send it through the laundry. But if you’ve just dropped a bag of rice on the floor, scoop that up with your dust pan first.

This is designed to work DRY. Don’t spray it with water, or spray your floor with water. If you’re doing a wet scrub, buy the wet/dry head or the fancy scrubber head instead. Or preferably, in addition to this one. Because this dust mop head needs no product. Please, please do not spray it with Pledge, or any furniture or floor polish. Let the magnetic power of the microfiber so all the work.

Use this mop on your floor first, then switch to the wet/dry head before you use your floor cleaner spray. The more you dust hardwood floors, the less you have to scrub them,

4″ x 18″, machine washable.Buy two; keep one always ready on the mop while the other is in the wash.

This has a hook-and-loop back, designed to fit our popular microfiber mop system, but it’s not the right size for Bona mops or Swiffers, sorry.

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