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Microfiber Scrubber Mop Head, 4″ x 18″

Gets the deeper, settled dirt out of your floor. Machine washable.


When a regular microfiber mop head isn’t enough.

Sometimes, your floor needs more. Well, more than the ordinary microfiber that comes with most mops. Has it been a while since you cleaned?

Did the dogs bring in thirteen layers of sediment and leave it all on the floor in front of the door? Do you like the idea of getting some of the deeper, settled dirt out of your floor? Well this is just the solution you need.

This is designed to be used damp, so wet it first before you attach it to your mop head with the hook and loop fastener. Then spray the floor with your preferred hardwood flooring cleaning (see some options in the ‘Related Products’ tab below).

Perfect for those Big Cleaning days. Or if you run a doggy day care. Or if you are just messy. We don’t judge.

4″ x 18″, machine washable.

This has a hook-and-loop back, designed to fit the size of our microfiber mop system, but it won’t fit Bona mops or Swiffers, sorry.