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Mop Head Frame 4″ x 18″ with 5′ pole

Includes 5′ adjustable, telescopic handle and 4″ x 18″ mop head base with hook and loop fastener.


We think this is better than Bona’s mop. Which we also sell and like. But this is better.

We are constantly asked the question, “How do I clean my hardwood floors?”

Our answer is always, “Find a way to do it standing up and use as little liquid as possible.” This hardwood floor mop system allows you to do that. It is a sturdy, telescoping pole firmly attached – with an actual metal bolt and wingnut – to flat base with a lot of hook and loop fastener on it.

The hook and loop fastener allows you to easily attach and remove the microfiber head so you have no excuse not to wash it frequently. Then you simply spray the appropriate hardwood cleaner (Bona, Rubio or Pallmann) over a 4′ x 4′ area, then wipe it with your hardwood floor mop. You can lightly dampen the mop head with water first, which tends to save on cleaner.

We carry this particular mop for two reasons: the quality of the joint between the handle and the mop head frame, and the generous amount of hook and loop fastener. This is an investment mop at throwaway pricing. You want a mop strong enough to be used every day, if necessary. We’re not saying you’re messy, but regular use of floor mops save floors!

We’ve tried other, competitor mops (looking at you Bona and Swiffer) and their handles are so thin and floppy, it’s like cleaning your floor with a pool noodle. This is a robust flooring mop and therefore better.

The actual mop heads are sold separately, but we have lots to choose from. Check the “Related Products” below to surf over to our microfiber wet/dry mop head, microfiber super-scrubber head, and fantabulous dust head with fringe.


  • 5′ adjustable, telescopic handle
  • 4″ x 18″ mop head base with hook and loop fastener