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Pallmann Magic Oil Care

Formulated for periodic maintenance of hardwood floors finished with Pallmann Magic Oil.



Pallmann Magic Oil Care is a water-based oil/wax emulsion formulated to refresh and protect wood floor surfaces finished with Pallmann Magic Oil 2K.  Application frequency will be dependent on the floor’s location and level of use. Magic Oil Care is not intended as a daily care product but only for occasional use to maintain the floor’s desired appearance.  If the floor begins to show wear or lose its even matte appearance, Magic Oil Care can be applied to restore a fresh, even look.

Not for use on urethaned or acrylic finished floors.

Dilute 10:1 with water and spray on a small section of freshly cleaned, Pallmann Magic Oil floor. Spread with a water-damped microfiber, working with the grain until you achieve an even coat.

32oz container

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