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Rubio Soap

1 L concentrate will fill a 750L spray bottle 140 times. 100mL concentrate is enough to fill a 750mL spray bottles FOURTEEN times.


This is the perfect product to keep your Monocoat surfaces clean!

Use Rubio Monocoat cleaning products for your Rubio surfaces. We prefer using the Rubio soap over other surface cleaners because we find that it slows down the stripping and drying of the hardened wax layer that is actually protecting your floor. Even repeated used of just plain water tends to over-dry Rubio’s hardened wax surface.

But there seems to be some confusion out in the world that the Rubio soap actually replaces or refreshes the layer of Rubio already on your floor. Sorry, the soap is just a really good cleaner.

If you need to actually refresh or “booster-coat” your Rubio, you need either Monocoat RenewMonocoat Universal Maintenance Oil, or more of the Monocoat Oil Plus 2C that was used originally.

What the Rubio Soap does, especially if you use it frequently, is keep dirt particles from settling deep into the texture of the wood where it will get caught and ground in with foot traffic. This wears away your Rubio faster. The more dirt particles you can keep off your Rubio surfaces, the longer the Rubio will last.

Part of the Rubio Monocoat cleaning line, the Rubio Soap comes as a concentrate – make sure you dilute it before you use it on your floor. One teaspoon makes 750mL or about 3 cups of spray cleaner.

Spray it directly on your Rubio floor and, wipe with a clean, barely damp microfiber mop. Spray an area small enough so that it does not dry before you get a chance to run the mop over it.

Don’t hesitate to vacuum and then use Rubio Soap on your floors every day- this will make the protection last longer.

1 L concentrate (enough to fill a 750L spray bottle 140 times!)

100mL concentrate (enough to fill a 750mL spray bottles FOURTEEN times)