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Rubio Surface Care Kit

Includes a 100mL bottle of Rubio Soap concentrate and an empty 750mL spray bottle.


This is just a convenient combo pack of a 100mL bottle of the Rubio Soap concentrate plus an empty 750mL spray bottle.

This soap in the Rubio Surface Care Kit is so concentrated, you can refill your 750mL spray bottle 14 times!! A generous teaspoon is all it takes.

And to clean your Rubio floor, all you do is spray the diluted soap on your floor, in an area no larger than 4 ‘ x 4’, and wipe with a microfiber mop head until almost dry. No rinsing necessary. It allows you to clean your floor with the least possible amount of water possible, which is always better for hardwood floors.

This spray is designed as a cleaner for regular maintenance – use it every day if necessary.

But this is not a restorative product; it does not replace or restore protection, but it removes the dirt and grime that can act like an abrasive and shorten the life of your Rubio coat.

If you are a furniture maker or a flooring professional, the Rubio Surface Care Kit is an easy, nicely packaged way to give your customer a head start on the correct way to clean and care for their Rubio coated surfaces.

There is no mop included – but we sell our favorite mop.