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Microfiber Wet/Dry All-Purpose Mop Head, 4″ x 18″

Cheap, machine washable, with hook and loop fastener backing, works wet or dry. Fits our mop/handle combo, sold separately. Does not fit Bona or Swiffer-style mops.


This here is your workhorse, everyday, supersoft, cut-pile microfiber wet-dry mop head with hook and loop fastener backing.

Mop heads like these, when combined with easy-to-use hardwood floor spray cleaner (like Pallman Cleaner Spray or Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner) are the ideal way to keep hardwood floors clean without using excessive amounts of water. Water is the enemy of hardwood floors, yet it is a necessary part of getting them clean. How do we reconcile these contradictory facts? Simply by using this triumphant microfiber head that needs only a spritz of water-based cleaner to dissolve what needs to be dissolved. Feel free to slightly dampen the mop head before you spray your floor, but don’t dunk into a bucket of water as you would a string or sponge mop. Mops that require buckets bring too much water into your hardwood. It soaks through into your wood before it can evaporate, causing the wood to swell and break down over time.

These are soft enough to use on your floor every day, but tough enough to handle many trips through the washing machine.

You should have two or three wet-dry mop heads so you can always have a clean one at hand while the other is in the laundry.

Do not keep scrubbing a dirt-filled mop head across your floor! That is no longer making the floor clean; it is just moving all that dirt over your floor and dulling it. Dirty mop-heads are like sandpaper.

These are cheap and machine washable. They work wet or dry. They cure depression and make you feel ten years younger. They are not gluten-free though.

Fits our mop/handle combo which is sold separately. If your floors need more aggressive cleaning, try our scrubber mop head!

4″ x 18″, machine washable.

Does not fit Bona or Swiffer-style mops, sorry.