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Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray, 32 oz.

Clean your finished hardwood floors with this and wipe it dry with a microfiber mop.


Clean your finished hardwood floors with Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner!

Spray it on the floor in a 4×4’ area and wipe it dry with a microfiber mop. You can dampen the mop first with a little of this cleaner, or even just a little water. That’s it! Get yourself a nice mop kit – you’re worth it.

Because the truth is, you do need some liquid to clean hardwood floors. Yes, water in quantity is bad for wood. But you can’t remove dirt unless you can loosen or dissolve it. The idea is to use as little liquid as possible, preferably one that will evaporate quickly.

Hardwood floor cleaners like this one are designed to do both. You apply them as a mist, not a waterfall. And you wipe them and they dry fast. There you have it: dirt removed without wood damage.

Pallmann wood cleaner works on ANY wood floor coated with polyurethane.

Doesn’t matter what type of poly you have, this is wunderbar. It also works on floors coated with Pallmann Magic Oil.

Not for use on Rubio Monocoat.

1 quart / 32 oz.

How long does it last?

That depends on often do you mop your floors. If this lasts an entire year, you’re not cleaning often enough. If it only lasts a month, maybe back off there, tiger.

Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner data sheet