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Microfiber Wet/Dry All-Purpose Mop Head, 4″ x 18″

Cheap, machine washable, with hook and loop fastener backing, works wet or dry. Fits our mop/handle combo, sold separately. Does not fit Bona or Swiffer-style mops.


This here is your workhorse, everyday, supersoft, cut-pile microfiber mop head with hook and loop fastener backing.

You should have two or three of these so you can always have a clean one at hand.

Do not keep scrubbing a dirt-filled mop head across your floor! That is no longer making the floor clean; it is sanding it!

These are cheap and machine washable. They work wet or dry. They cure depression and make you feel ten years younger. No, they are not organic.

Fits our mop/handle combo which is sold separately.

4″ x 18″, machine washable.

Does not fit Bona or Swiffer-style mops, sorry.