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Beige Floor Protectors, 1″ Dia.

Protect your floors without seeing the protectors. Available in 20 pack or economical 100 pack.


The thing about floor protectors is that, you want them to protect your floor, but you don’t actually want to see the protectors themselves.

Let’s face it, little felt circles aren’t pretty. Most floor protectors are dark, which helps them hide against dark furniture legs. It’s like protective coloring in nature! But what if you have light-legged furniture?

You should use beige floor protectors like these. They are made of the same soft felt as our other protectors, with the same strong peel-and-stick adhesive that we rely on, just adjusted for a different environment.

Or, maybe you just like beige. You do you, friend. Just protect your floors while you do it.

1″ diameter. We offer these in a 20 pack or the economical 100 pack.