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Floor Protectors 7/8″ AND 1-1/4″ Dia. Round Mixed Pack of 100

Two sizes. Includes 50 of the 7/8″ small circles and 50 of the large 1 1/4″ size, brown.


Cheaper by the Hundo.

All the goodness you’ve come to expect from Pete’s Nuclear Floor Protectors, but in a more cost-effective hundred pack.

These lovely brown felt floor protectors solve the main problems that other floor protectors have:

  • They do not allow the gravel and other particulate matter on your floor to remain pressed against the bottom of your chair leg where it will continue to grind scratches into your floor. Floor protectors that are too tightly woven and smooth actually turn your chair legs into micro sanders! The sand or dirt gets caught against the floor protector and every time you move the chair, it does a little scratchy dance. Our floor protectors have a much more cushiony, open-weave texture. Particles will get trapped in that network, rather than remain pressed against your floor.
  • These floor protectors actually stay stuck to your chairs. The adhesive is extra-sticky, to the point where it may take a utility knife to remove them. This is not problem; it is a solution – read on:

Which brings us to our final recommendation:

Change your floor protectors frequently and often because floor protectors are cheap and refinishing is expensive.

You can’t leave floor protectors on your chairs for years and expect them to prevent scratches. You sit in your chairs hundreds of times a month. This crushes down the cushiony nylon. It gets harder and more compressed and starts behaving more like a chair leg than a cushion, which wears down your floor finish so much faster. Change your dining room chair pads every six months and the floor finish under your table will last years longer.

Because you have many sizes of chairs in your life, this includes 50 of the 7/8″ small circles and 50 of the large 1-1/4″ size, brown. When you have more on hand, you’ll change your floor protectors more often.

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