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Rug-Check Plus, 6′ Wide, Priced by Sq. Ft.

Pure latex, natural rubber product won’t discolor your hardwood floor finish. Measure the total square feet of your rug. Call 651-698-5888 and we’ll help you with the math.


Keeps your rugs from slip-sliding away without harming your hardwood floor’s finish.

If you love nice, big area rugs, but hate the way they won’t stay put, then Rug-Check Plus is your happy ending. It is particularly happy because it is a pure latex, natural rubber product. This is good for your polyurethane floor because plastic and synthetic rubber underlayments will react with and discolor the plastic that is in your floor finish.

We’ve even seen floors slightly pitted from use of the wrong rug pad. We will be happy to cut a piece to size for you and include the remnants for use under small rugs, or in your Barbie Malibu house. We recommend purchasing a piece that is slightly smaller than the measured dimensions of your rug so that the rather bright green color of the underlayment doesn’t peek out from under your rug.

Rug-Check is sold in 6′ wide widths and priced by the square foot.

So, it’s like buying fabric from a 6′ wide roll; one side of every piece has to be 6′ wide. So, if you order 18sqft, we will cut a piece that is 6′ wide by 3′ high.

This also means that if your rug’s actual dimensions are wider than 7′ on any side, you will have to piece it. Give us a call at 651-698-5888 before your order and we’ll help you with the math!