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Squeak Killaz Trim Head Screws

100 2-1/2″ #8 star bit screws and one #2 bit


Every day we get asked how to handle squeaks in hardwood floors. This is what you need.

Here’s how to fix squeaky wood floors. This is a star-drive 2-1/2″ #8 screw that you can screw straight down through your floor, through the subfloor and into your joist to cinch everything together tight as a drum. For squeaky hardwood floors, counter-sink the teeny-tiny trim head 1/8″ below your wood surface and fill with a tiny drop of Color Putty to match your floor, and you’ll never know it happened.

Even better, fix squeaky wood floors BEFORE you sand your floor and fill the little hole with matching Timbermate woodfiller and sand it flush before finishing the floor. Or even fill it with a wee, matching dowel plug before sanding!

Just don’t spend $20 on half the number of the snap-off screws—they don’t always snap off where you wish they would.

These GRKs are fabulous for all kinds of general construction and woodworking. And there’s a free star bit in every package!

100 2-1/2″ #8 star bit screws and one #2 bit

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