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Bona sells two waterborne polyurethane topcoats; Mega is the least expensive and less protective of those two options.

Have no fear, Bona Mega is still a superior product! But in places like upstairs bedrooms where you don’t wear through a floor finish as fast, this is the more sensible and economical choice.

Mega still requires one of the Bona sealer/primer coats (DriFast, AmberSeal, ClassicSeal, NaturalSeal, or NordicSeal) to be applied to the bare wood first, and two coats of Mega are applied over that.

Mega is a waterborne polyurethane, but it is not quite as colorless as other water-based finishes – there is a faint amber tint that becomes more noticeable over time. If you are looking long-term clarity, consider Bona Traffic, Pallmann Pall-X 96, or Pall-X Power instead.

But, if you really need that deep amber color on your floor, Bona Mega will disappoint. If you need that much golden, use Bona’s Dri-Fast oil-based sealer as your primer coat, or skip the waterborne entirely and go with three layers of an oil-based finish.

  • Recommended application: t-bar
  • Water clean up
  • Gallons only
  • Comes in four different sheen levels: Gloss, Semigloss, Satin, or Extra Matte
  • Allow at least four hours between coats; never apply Mega over a tacky first coat!
  • No abrasion necessary between coats if they are applied less than 48 hours apart.
  • Agitate gently for one minute before applying.

Do not allow this product to freeze! Because we ship out of Minnesota, we will occasionally need to restrict shipping dates for this product, depending on weather conditions.

Pete’s has a 30-day return policy – what’s up with that?

It may seem draconian but hear us out. We set this return limit because waterborne finishes are chemically delicate. If they are stored at very high or very low temperatures, or temperatures that fluctuate, the de-foaming agents become unstable.

The longer a gallon of finish is out of our control, the less we know about how it was handled and stored. If we can’t be sure of how a gallon of finish will behave, we won’t resell it. But if we can’t resell returns, we lose our already low margin. So, yes, we are firm on 30-day returns on all finish.