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DuraSeal Quick-Dry Sealer

This is an oil-based PRIMER only! Available in gallons or quarts.


DuraSeal is the manufacturer of the best and longest-wearing oil-based polyurethanes in the US, if not the world.

We have been selling and using DuraSeal Quick-Dry Sealer as our base coat under both DuraSeal topcoats and even under other brands of waterborne topcoats. It is a reliable, fast-drying, easy to use sealer. If you have to use a stinky finish, this is the one to choose.

But please take note: his is an oil-based PRIMER only!

Don’t use this DuraSeal for all your coats just because it has “sealer” in its name. This is designed to the base layer in a three-layer system. Sealers like this are designed to be runny so that they will soak into the raw wood and form the foundation coat. The higher-solid topcoats find it much easier to bond to this intermediate coat than to the wood itself. This gives you the best possible system: a finish that is well-bonded to the substrante, but a top layer that is tough underfoot.

This allows them to soak into the wood grain and grab hold. Then we add two topcoats of DuraSeal polyurethane over the top. These coats are thicker and more protective, but they don’t soak into or bond to wood as well as the sealer.

The other advantage to using this separate seal coat first is that it will dry very quickly and, if you apply your first coat of poly within four hours of the sealer, you do not have to abrade between them. This can be a serious time-saver.

Sealers/primers don’t come in different sheen levels (all base coats are full gloss) because the only gloss level that matters is the top coat.

Available in gallons or quarts.

Due to environmental safety concerns, this product can only be ground-shipped and as of 2019 is cannot be sold in gallons (quarts are acceptable) in: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, or Virginia due to VOC regulations in those states.