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Pall-X Color, 1 gal.

Use as a base coat only if you want just smidgen of darker color, but don’t want to bother with stain. Four sheen levels, gallons only. Gloss and Semi-Gloss available by special order.


This is the product to use as a base coat only if you want just smidgen of darker color, but don’t want to bother with stain.

And when we say smidgen we are serious, the darkening effect is quite subtle. But this sood floor sealer does not darken the wood by adding pigment to a clear finish – there is a tannin reactive element that darkens on exposure to the tannin in the wood. So, no risk of edges or dark, overlap lines.

And trust us when we say this because we didn’t believe it ourselves. We have tested this on our practice floor several times, actually trying to make it lap! We tried to leave puddles and edges on purpose, because that’s what you do when you test things.

We couldn’t get it to go wrong. Which gives us great confidence selling it to you.

This product is not a topcoat!

It is designed to be applied to bare wood to prepare it for a two layers of a Pallmann polyurethane topcoat – either Pall-X 96 or Pall-X Power. Don’t just apply multiple layers of Color on your wood – the performance will be somewhat disappointing. This is essentially a primer; it is not designed to be the tough outer layer – it is designed to be the best bonding layer.

It is runnier than Pallmann’s topcoats so that it soaks into the wood and grabs hold. Those high-solid topcoats just don’t go into the wood as well as a sealer does. But the topcoats can really get a good bond to the sealer. And layers of polyurethane are only protective if they can bond to each other.

Pall-X Color is also recommended as a tie-coat if you use brown or black stain on your wood, and want to top-coat with any of the Pallmann polyurethanes. This sealer is applied over the stain. It bonds through the stain into the wood and then in turn forms a strong link with the top layers of finish.

Staining white or grey? Use Pall-X Clear sealer instead of color so it doesn’t change the light appearance of your stain.

This wood floor sealer comes in four gloss levels, and from flattest to glossiest they are: Ultra Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss.
Pete’s keeps only the Satin and Ultra Matte versions of the Pallmann finishes in inventory.
However, the Semi-Gloss and Gloss versions are available with just a few extra days of waiting time. If you need either of those sheens, call the store to place your order directly: 651-698-5888. Gallons only.
Pete’s has a 30-day return policy – what’s up with that?

It may seem draconian but hear us out. We set this return limit because waterborne finishes are chemically delicate. If they are stored at very high or very low temperatures, or temperatures that fluctuate, the de-foaming agents become unstable.

The longer a gallon of finish is out of our control, the less we know about how it was handled and stored. If we can’t be sure of how a gallon of finish will behave, we won’t resell it. But if we can’t resell returns, we lose our already low margin. So, yes, we are firm on 30-day returns on all finish.

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